eTHOR, an ICcommunications software application tool, which has been been
designed to help in delivering Multi-Media , Communications and eInclusion services, through a broadband connexion

The broadband connexion can be either Fixed Cable, Nomadic or Fixed Wireless or Satellite, in almost any environment including to the urban, peri-urban and rural community in general and special case to disaster-stricken areas, like Tsunami or Earthquake struck

The eTHOR solution is engineered so that it can be interfaced to other IT systems or equipments or works over any broadband or Peer-toPeer network.Easy to use and set up. eTHOR is the 21st century Multi-Media Communications Application.

eTHOR really addresses the core of the 'Digital Divide', which can be defined as all measures supporting integration of least developed countries into Information Society, reducing the 'Digital Divide' and 'content gap' between technology-empowered and technology-excluded communities and groups such as rural areas and women, thus bridging society.